Do You Blush Excessively?

Most people are familiar with facial blushing as something that happens when they are humiliated or embarrassed. As teenagers, we may have blushed a lot, but as we got older, generally we got more confident, and blushed less. Blushing also known as Erythrophobia affects both women and men, but is more common in teenagers due to hormonal activity, feeling nervous or anxiety.

What is ETS?

Even though it is a normal reaction, blushing can be a real pain in the neck for people who experience it intensely. This can create embarrassment and affect people’s lives by making them anxious. Many therapists treat this disorder by psychological means. However there are doctors who classify exce [...]

Reducing Your Anxiety

If you had some situations in life in which you suffered for excessive blushing, you probably have noticed that this problem tends to evolve into anxiety. In other words, excessive blushing can cause anxiety and fear of being embarrassed in public or turning red while having an important moment. Bec [...]