Five Things Excessive Blushers Have in Common

//Five Things Excessive Blushers Have in Common

Five Things Excessive Blushers Have in Common

You might suffer a lot from being an excessive blusher.

This problem can make you think you are the only one who has this problem and other people will avoid you for that or nobody will understand if you tell people about your problem. Still you should know that other excessive blushers exist and they can understand your problems.

There are five things in common for excessive blushers and if you know this it will be easier for you to understand your problem and that you are not alone.

  1. The characteristic feature of every excessive blusher is that they experience uncontrollable blushing and even this seems so obvious is very helpful for you because you know that other people experience exactly the same things as you do.
  2. Excessive blushers feel that they are hard to understand and there are no people who are close to them and can help them with their problem. Again the problem can be solved by knowing that there are other people like you with whom you can get into contact or even form groups.
  3. People who excessively blush avoid situations in which they can be seen while their face turns red. This happens even with people they know. They are very aware of their blushing and tend to think that everybody notices when they blush.
  4. Another common thing for blushers is that they are not keen on talking about their problem. Even though they are very aware of the disorder they are suffering from, it’s very hard to make them talk about it because it’s “a personal matter” which is considered shameful to discuss or to draw attention upon.
  5. Every excessive blusher feel anxiety and this is more and more acute because people always think of a possible blushing situation and they accumulate anxiety. The interesting thing is that this anxiety they accumulate by thinking about their blushing creates more blushing which forms a cycle by creating more anxiety.

So it’s easy to understand why excessive blushing creates so many problems in a person’s life. However if you know that you are not the only one having this problem, your anxiety might be reduced and after all it can reduce blushing too.

Nevertheless, knowing that other people suffer from excessive blushing does not wipe your pain away and there are many cures that can bring back your normal life.

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