By definition, facial blushing is an involuntary condition that manifests with redness all across the sufferer’s face and in some cases on the head or neck.

Blushing is a normal reaction for some feelings but if it is accompanied with fear, anxiety, stress or shame, the situation is not normal anymore and a proper treatment is required.

Helping someone to get rid of this affection is like offering a glass of water to a person lost in a desert but there are still many persons who do not take care of their affection and underestimate the effects of blushing.

There are three types of treatment in order to cure excessive blushing:

  • Psychological treatments – The treatment recommended in this case is CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and addresses to people who have a social phobia and blush excessively. The good part is that this kind of treatment has no side effects.
  • Surgical treatment – The whole process is called in medical terms ETS(Endoscopic Thoracic sympathectomy) and requires a lot of equipments and the purpose of this operation is to remove the nerves that control the rush of blood to the blood vessels. One should consider this measure if the situation gets aggravated.
  • Drug therapies – There are three types of drugs that can be administrated in order to treat facial blushing. There are drugs that help treating anxiety and reduce blushing and there are also Beta blockers who manage symptoms and Clonidine which treats uncontrollable responses of the body if they appear.

If one chooses this kind of treatment, the proper medication should be prescribed by a doctor and the treatment should be done in time as to avoid any complications.