Excessive Blushing

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Excessive Blushing also known as Erythrophobia: What is Blushing? What kind of people are usually blushing?

Red Blushing

Everyone has emotions and those emotions are expressed on our faces by many means among which we can mention blushing. This phenomenon indicates strong emotions like anxiety, anger, excitement and embarrassment but if it occurs too often and without any evident cause it might be that the person in c [...]

Do You Blush Excessively?

Most people are familiar with facial blushing as something that happens when they are humiliated or embarrassed. As teenagers, we may have blushed a lot, but as we got older, generally we got more confident, and blushed less. Blushing also known as Erythrophobia affects both women and men, but is more common in teenagers due to hormonal activity, feeling nervous or anxiety.

What is Facial Blushing?

Facial Blushing is the reaction triggered by our potential humiliation and embarrassment, it can involve social anxiety feelings, such as fear of being the center of attention and self-consciousness. This is a normal body response, the tiny blood vessels which carry blood to our skin allow more blood to flow beneath the surface of the skin and the face, ears, neck and, occasionally, the upper chest, becomes red in colour.