General knowledge about the excessive facial blushing

Excessive facial blushing is named in medical terms Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema and can be described as a severe uncontrollable facial blushing, mainly when one has verbal contact with other people or during time spent with others.

Others notice the sufferer’s face when he gets to talk with other people and the redness of his face can easily express his embarassement and his anxiety and that makes the person in cause to avoid building relationships and even being social.


  • Extreme blushing without any reason
  • Sweating on your body, palms and under arms…combined with excessive heat in your body but mainly on your face.
  • Humiliation and shame
  • A minimum amount of time spent with friends and other people.
  • The person in cause avoids having eye contact.

Excessive blushing is a bit shameful but is quite severe and cannot be treated immediately.

There are cases of blushing without any reason even in simple conversations which is not a good sign at all and makes the person in cause to feel very embarrassed and that can easily lead to social phobia.

The excessive fear of someone noticing their fears makes the sufferers to avoid being social. If the affection is not treated, it can cause many failures in the professional and personal life of the sufferer so the beginning of an immediate treatment is strongly recommended.


With all the science we have today it is easy to understand that there are a lot of treatments for this affection. Still the treatment that has shown the best results and also the most popular is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) this treatment helping people to eliminate their extra embarssement and anxiety.

When extra treatment is required, ETS (Endoscopic Transthoractic Sympathicotomy) can help a lot but only if the person in cause has serious problems and the previous attempts in solving this affection failed.