Do You Blush Too Much? You May Have Excessive Blushing

//Do You Blush Too Much? You May Have Excessive Blushing

Do You Blush Too Much? You May Have Excessive Blushing

There are many people explaining the blushing process. Doctors think that excessive blushing is caused by the sympathethic nervous system which sometimes overreacts but a usual definition of excessive blushing describes it as a reddening and sometimes sweating that occurs without any apparent reason and unexpectedly.

Every person has blushed many times, especially as teenagers. As we grow in age we become more confident and we blush less but still we have blushing tendencies when we feel embarrassed. Only when you suffer from excessive blushing you may find out that you blush just as much now as you did when you were teenager.

To understand the situation better, I will present a typical example. You can out shopping and suddenly you meet someone you know and this triggers an excessive facial blushing. The thing is that in that moment you feel that you are getting red and you start to think that everybody has seen that and they are about to laugh.

In the first seconds you are not embarrassed because you practically have no reasons to be like that. The real pain begins when the other person notices you and this stimulates your brain to make bad scenarios.

So if you ever were in a situation close to this one you should know that you suffer from excessive blushing. Causes are easy to see but the effects of this disorder are very hard to explain.

When a friend has seen this excessive blushing, you might excuse that u are used to blush very often but in some moments like business meetings you cannot excuse in front of all people there. So, as a result, you might think at not going to business meetings because they cause you pain and shame.

Blushing can be a very serious problem even though many people who don’t have information about it treat without any care. It is not a problem of someone’s face and it can cause social anxiety. It can also interfere with relationships and even bring depression and emotionally ruin a person.

If you blush uncontrollable and without any apparent reason, you are certain to suffer from excessive blushing and you definitely should not be ashamed of it. There are many people like you so you are not a freak and most of all you are not a freak.

Still the good news is that this disorder has a cure and after you follow this cure you will get your normal life back.

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