People usually blush because they are embarrassed. This is what most people are used to say and this is the truth for those who do not suffer from excessive blushing. For the people who suffer from it, there are more complicated answers.

Many persons can confirm that a blush will occur very often and apparently with no logical reason. This is a major source of frustration and the idea of not being able to control your blushing can cause a lot of mental anguish.

So if you keep wondering about the causes for excessive blushing, a good answer will be: fear of blushing.

The idea that we can be blushing is haunting our mind and this makes us fear of being criticized by others. This leads to despair and it begins a struggle to avoid blushing, a struggle that creates panic and makes situation even worse.

An old saying would show us that what we resist persists and this is true. Many of us make the mistake of desperately fearing and resisting blushing, this causing it to occur more often.

Because the human brain does not think in a negative way, even if you think about blushing or about preventing it, you are still focusing on the idea of blushing so this will occur more intensely and more frequently.

The resistance you develop is the thing that makes your blushing problem more and more alarming. You focus so much on not wanting it to happen so you feel it with every part of the body. This actions are followed by a strong blush and you feel that your head is about to explode.

Nobody would want to experience this feelings and this exactly the reason for getting motivation of overcoming this issue.

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