How to Support a Loved One Who Suffers From Excessive Blushing

//How to Support a Loved One Who Suffers From Excessive Blushing

How to Support a Loved One Who Suffers From Excessive Blushing

There are a few hints that may help you understand a close person that suffers from this problem:

  • Because they know about their problem, it is highly important not to draw attention upon it.
  • Don’t compare unless you had the same problem as the sufferer. It can make him believe that he cannot be understood.
  • Advices are not always welcome. There are moments in which sufferers ask for help but if you offer help in other moments you can draw that person mad because he tried so many times to find an explanation to his blushing and all extra advices from therapists and doctors can disorientate someone with excessive blushing.
  • If you ask why, you will not get an answer because the person who suffers from excessive blushing certainly does not know why.
  • Jokes will make pain even worse and if you want to try to make them happier you should pick your words carefully.
  • Don’t minimize it by saying that “it’s not a big deal” or showing some other disorders. You will only make the sufferer to feel less understood.
  • Another important aspect concerns the ability to treat the sufferer as a normal person. You should not try to do anything for him because this will make him feel special and different and this will be quickly related to his blushing problem. This is not a good result.
  • Try to interrupt other people who are around by changing subject when they do not follow those rules. They might hurt the sufferer. You should try yourself not to break the rules.
  • If you really want to help you should not ask for permission or give ideas in person. An indirect approach is more recommended because it provides the sufferer enough time to meditate and your presence might embarrass him. You can send an email or call him on the phone.

The whole point is that an excessive blusher wants a normal life and they want to spend time with friends and relatives and feel like normal persons.

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