A lot of people suffer from excessive blushing and this often evolves into more severe disorders like social anxiety.

You may suffer too from this disorder and it is probable that you don’t realize that your blushing has caused the anxiety u suffer when you are around other people.

I will present you 3 ways to find out if your excessive blushing is responsible for your anxiety and if you are really an excessive blusher.

The first symptom is a strong redness on the face which occurs without any logical reason. This is usually accompanied by sweating and if you often experience that you are probably suffering from excessive blushing. Still you should know that this redness is what causes your embarrassment and not the result of it.

Another important issue is related to you constant worrying about blushing. You find yourself in a unpleasant situation in which you worry if you will start to blush uncontrollably. If you constantly think this might embarrass you in certain situations you definitely suffer from excessive blushing.

People who don’t suffer from this disorder don’t think about blushing because they are more confident, they don’t really care much about what other people think and most of all, because they don’t blush like a excessive blusher does.

The third issue is about you limiting your activities because of your blushing problem. So if you fear to be natural at work or if you are afraid to date because your face might turn red, it’s certain that you suffer from excessive blushing. This can be very embarrassing and most of all, you get more and more anxious as the time passes.

Anxiety can make you lose your jobs and your close friends because it prevents you from being yourself when socializing. Moreover, your blushing problem can make you to refuse some social activities and choose isolation instead.

Nowadays a lot of people suffer from excessive blushing and feel their lives turned upside down.

Still the good part is that if you learn more about excessive blushing, you might be able to deal with it and get your normal life back.

If your blushing is causing you anxiety or the other way around find out here how you can control both and stop having issues with facial blushing