I bet anyone has seen pictures with anorexic persons and it’s hard to believe how people can let their body deteriorate so much.

To understand how complicated is the human mind, I tell you that when an anorexic person looks in the mirror she thinks that she is fat. Still the question is “How is that possible?”

By definition, anorexia is an obsessive fear of being fat. So people suffering from it tend to have distorted images about their body and the reality is transformed by the constant fear that haunts their thoughts.

You might find no resemblance between anorexia and excessive blushing. Neither do I until I had a chat with my girlfriend about my blushing problem. I explained everything to her and the only thing she was interested was how long before I started date her did I overcome my blushing problem.

I must tell you though, that when I started dating her, my blushing problem got worse and I got incredible emotions every time I had a date with her. I sweated and felt terrible and when I told her about my problem she did not even noticed my blushing problem.

Many problems made me imagine that I have a red face and I felt really embarrassed but she saw things otherwise and she did not think I was that red.

So the main idea is that the fear of blushing makes me imagine the worst and think badly about myself. The same thing happens with anorexics. The main cause for it is the excessive fear which deforms reality in people’s brains.

If you suffer from excessive blushing you should know that you always tend to think that the situation is worse. That you have a red face and everybody is secretly laughing.

Even though anorexics and excessive blushers are hard to convince that their reality is a bit distorted, I want all of them try to play with this idea: “What if your disorder is not that bad?” or “what if people that surround you care about your real qualities and ignore a little redness which appear from time to time on your face.”

Try to imagine that and ask some close persons,  in  which you can trust. This way you will be closer to your goal.

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