Are facial blushing and social anxiety related?

It is known that facial blushing is deeply correlated to social anxiety though it’s not necessary that social anxiety sufferers to blush and the people who blush to suffer from social anxiety.

Studies mention that social anxiety may be a cause behind blushing. The symptoms are related to the loss of confidence, anxiety, inferiority excessive sweating, embarrassment and the avoidance of eye contact in a group.  Ultimately those factors lower the sufferer’s morale.

There are numerous relations between facial blushing and social anxiety.

Firstly there is an acute sensation of embarrassment which is caused by the fear of blushing and which stops the sufferer from getting involved with people. However the problem aggravates and makes the person even more nervous, causing confidence lost over time.

Social anxiety causes feelings of worthlessness and discomfort in the minds of the sufferers and in most cases this leads to frustration or even worse, to depression, so an immediate treatment is very important.

There are methods to get rid of social anxiety and facial blushing and it is necessary to follow some indications and treatments. The persons in cause should try to think positive, interact with many people and probably the most important, try not to underestimate themselves. These actions may stop the excessive facial blushing.

Other methods mention social anxiety disorder treatments, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), surgeries, medication and Botox injection.

One should follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor but before that it is extremely important to know things about facial blushing and social anxiety in order to follow the treatment correctly.