Everyone has emotions and those emotions are expressed on our faces by many means among which we can mention blushing. This phenomenon indicates strong emotions like anxiety, anger, excitement and embarrassment but if it occurs too often and without any evident cause it might be that the person in cause suffers from red blushing disorder and needs to treat it before it causes many troubles and other disorders.

This affection can be associated with affections like rosacea, carcinoid syndrome, fever and menopause or with the consumption of alcohol, spicy foods.

Doctors say that the reason for blushing is the expansion of blood vessels that allow a larger quantity of blood to pass through and if it happens many times a day, it indicates a disorder.

The encountered feeling while blushing is a combination of heat with small shivers while the sufferers’ face turns red. Some people can experience blushing on other parts of the body like neck and head.

The consideration of symptoms can be the proper way someone realizes that he has a problem and the list of symptoms includes things like humiliation, extra excitement, strong embarrassment, heat sensation and reduced confidence level. If one identifies some of those symptoms it means that a treatment is required.

How to treat red blushing

There are many thing that cause red blushing and many of them were mentioned above but if Social Anxiety Disorder is the main cause, doctors advise the usage of CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) because it helps the sufferer to think and act positively in order to stand in front of the society by gaining confidence.

Moreover there are many supporting medications for this affection so, the person in cause must consult a specialist in order to avoid complications that may occur.