What is ETS?

What is ETS?

Even though it is a normal reaction, blushing can be a real pain in the neck for people who experience it intensely. This can create embarrassment and affect people’s lives by making them anxious. Many therapists treat this disorder by psychological means.

However there are doctors who classify excessive blushing as a disorder linked to the nervous system. So there are some evidences that can classify this disorder as a genetic one because of the situations in which more family members are suffering from it.

Still there are people who are so determined to get rid of this problem that they take into consideration extreme measures and this is the purpose for which Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) was created.

Studies showed up that ETS has a success rate of 80-90 % in reducing the patients’ blushing problems. This is a surgical procedure which involves the destruction of the sympathetic nerve chain from the chest cavity.

There are some theories that attribute the success of the operation to the destruction of the Kuntz nerve which is seen on the second rib. Other medics disagree with this medical procedure because this nerve’s functions are not completely understood. This is a 40 minutes procedure which can be easily performed by a vascular surgeon.

Because is a surgical procedure, ETS can develop some complications like excessive bleeding, and sometimes accidental death. There were 9 cases of accidental death worldwide at some clinics which were not experienced in ETS. Some other complications which may occur can consist in lung problems and Horner’s Syndrome which is damage to the stellate ganglion. This may cause an observable droopiness to a patient’s eye.

Other category of side effects is related to the sweating process. Because ETS hiders the ability to sweat on the area including neck and above, body often adapts to sweat more on other areas like chest, thighs and back.

Some people can experience face sweating when stimulated by the smell of food and drink and other people can have dry hands, faint and have their circulation changed. Some surgeons found a way to repair the nerve in order to treat the side effects. Still ETS is considered a permanent treatment.

Most medical professionals who do not support the surgery think that the best way to treat extreme blushing is as a social phobia because of the sufferer’s reactions of exaggerating the gravity of their situations. Moreover you should know that many studies concerning ETS come from uncontrolled environments and the most important part is related to your ability to express feelings on your face. A surgery can make you look less human even though you blush less.

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