How can be ETS (Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathicotomy) a good choice?

ETS is the surgical treatment for extreme facial blushing which can be caused by fear, embarrassment, shame and extra stress. Many kinds of treatments like psychological treatments and drugs are available nowadays but ETS is recommended to treat extreme cases.

The surgical procedure of ETS involves a telescope that is introduced into the chest through a cut done near the armpit. There are two possibilities to get the operation done: one concerns the modification of the involved sweat glands and the other affects the sweat glands directly.

This treatment is indicated mainly in case of excessive blushing and Hyperhidrosis. Of course, before using ETS, specialists do a complete analysis, in order to avoid any side effects. This method is known as very beneficial in curing extreme cases of blushing but even in this case, the results of ETS are not possible to predict.

No surgery, performed even by specialists is risk free but the risks are well calculated, surgeons look even into the family history of the sufferer in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Still for the best results and a greater accuracy, the operation must be performed by experienced and highly qualified surgeons. Post operative studies indicate immediate results on most of the people so if one consults professionals it should not fear for its health.