While being overrun by my excessive blushing issue, I searched all over the internet in order to find a good cure for my problem.

After many weeks of searching I realized that the best cure was ETS surgery (Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy). The pain caused by creams and pills seemed to be over and the problem was about to be solved once and for all.

Professionals’ notes tell that the surgery was safe and there were minor risks. However the only problem was to gain money for it and then fly a huge distance to a location that can provide this service.

The truth is that I could not afford it and I wanted to search more in order to justify a loan.

There are many side effects that may appear, compensatory hyperhidrosis, reduced exercise capacity, poor thermoregulation, reduced lung capacity, extremely dry hands, denervation, super sensitivity are some of them. Even though I was highly motivated to do that, the question still remained if it is really worth.

ETS means damaging the nerves that are responsible to the blushing process. That did not sound very well but when you feel desperate you might take it into consideration and follow the surgery.

If you still think at ETS I feel that you are really desperate. Nobody chooses this unless it has reasons that overwhelm the possible side effects. However, before you decide something you should know something.

ETS was banned in Sweden (the country where it first appeared) because many people had complications after following the procedure. Moreover, the Taiwanese authorities banned the procedure for people who had less than 20 years old. Recently, the Finnish Office of Health Technology published some studies that there are strong side effects which are very probably to follow this medical procedure.

If you don’t know what to believe, you should try to find some information that is not published by the ones that make profit from this surgery. The government studies are probably the best sources to inform because they should decide good things for all of us.

To conclude with my opinion, ETS it’s not worth it for stopping blushing because this disorder can be overcome naturally without spending a lot of money and without side effects.

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