Just like any disorder, excessive blushing has many causes so it is considered a complicated problem. Considering this, you should think about many aspects when you try to overcome it. However, this part will help you a lot in your attempt to succeed.

I discovered this part of the problem by mistake while I was trying to solve other problems concerning excessive blushing.

While I was listening to an audio concerning social phobia, I heard the speaker mentioning about stopping the resistance and letting the emotions flow. This is an awkward thing because when you do that you start contradicting with yourself and you start feeling some irrational emotions. So while you are around people you might think about your social phobia and wonder why you feel this way or you can tell yourself that you can overcome this burden.

These types of thoughts never help the sufferer remove his bad experiences and in addition to that they really make them more intense. After that you start to panic because you no longer control your feelings and you are afraid of that.

A good quotation from Carl Jung which was a good psychiatrist and who founded analytic psychology, mentions that “what you resist persists”. This is well applicable in the excessive blushing cases because it’s exactly what is happening when people try to control their blushing.

You will never stop excessive blushing unless you make an effort to stop resisting it. Even though there are more solutions to solve this problem, this one still remains one of the most important.

For most of the people it sounds simple but under the cover of simplicity, excessive blushing can bring a lot of problems into one’s life and the problems are harder to solve if one does not take into consideration the real threat caused by this disorder.

For those who foresee the effect of excessive blushing, it will be easier to overcome it because this can give the needed motivation to start a treatment. However if you follow a wrong treatment you can make things worse.

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