Understanding the Fear of Blushing

//Understanding the Fear of Blushing

Understanding the Fear of Blushing

Blushing related to emotions

When blushing occurs it is probably accompanied by a couple of emotions which can sometimes get into conflict with each other. Still there is one emotion which is always associated with blushing and that emotion is the feeling of self-consciousness. Extreme blushing has no particular emotional response but it often occurs to people suffering from social phobia.

Moreover, the anxiety caused by social situation can cause tremors, palpitations and sweating. In some cases, anxiety is caused by the fear of showing the physical symptoms.

Erytrophobiathe fear of blushing – is considered as a smaller type of social phobia just because people tend to focus on themselves during social situations. This is the way negative self- perception occurs and all these facts form a cycle that repeats itself: you think that everybody will laugh at you, you feel more anxious, anxiety creates more blushing.

Task concentration training

Some would say that blushing cannot be controlled but there is a treatment that had a lot of success. It is called TCT (task concentration training) and makes people who fear blushing to be able to focus attention to a task at hand, rather than their blushing problem. During TCT, people are thought to give priority to thoughts and feelings which are related to the situation at hand, rather that their personal opinions regarding the process of social interaction. There are three main steps of TCT:

  • Understanding all processes regarded to focusing attention.
  • Focus on a low-threatening situation
  • Learn how to focus your attention while you are put in a threatening situation.

If they stop and evaluate what is going around correctly, blushers can see more options and eventually lessen their chance to blush.


There is a tendency for the persons who have an excessive blushing problem, to overestimate their blushing intensity and overreact to it.

There was a study published by Behavior Research and Therapy which was made by a team in the Murdoch University, and that study showed that people who fear blushing experience it more intensely that those who do not fear it. So the whole thing is at a mental level.

A person who fears blushing does that in public can feel herself as red as an exit sign even if others may not give importance to this fact. Some who are more anxious about it can have difficulties in having a normal social life.

So the real point is that blushing shows your feelings and if you live without fearing it, you can be known as an emotive person. Sometimes you might think that others have a bad opinion about you and this can create a negative self-image and make your blushing even worse.

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