I always wondered why easy blushing occurs at people who have this problem. There is no doubt that the thought of others having a bad opinion about them, causes stress and fear in their thoughts. But still I wonder why it happens.

One may say that it is in our genes to manifest like this and our sympathetic nervous system can be overactive in some cases. Others may think that environment influenced our way to see the world and our way of thinking.

Many times I wanted to blame my parents for being overly critical. It was a bad feeling knowing that you cannot be yourself because they impose their opinions. My behavior was suppressed and there were many situations in which I was extra careful in order not to be criticized by my parents.

If I think back to my childhood I remember that most of my actions had negative feedback from my parents and they felt good criticizing me. After I read the book “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz, I realized that this was a cause for some of my inhibitions.

Social inhibitions cause excessive carefulness and this can damage the relationship between you and others. Moreover this leads to anxiety and more inhibition and it is clear to me that my parents have succeeded to induce me these inhibitions and cause me the problems I had.

However this may be the way I was born and this is deeply written in my genes. You might be tired of philosophy and speculations but there are many aspects that you can take into consideration and these might also confuse you. So if I was facing those all by myself I would probably never overcome this problem.

When I felt that I was making progresses was when I stopped thinking about other people’s opinions about me. I tried to become shameless and I partially succeeded to think that what people think is strictly their business.

This improvement was a real blessing for me and if you do not learn it you will get deeper and deeper into your fears.

So I tell you that the most important thing in overcoming excessive blushing is to stop imagining what other people think and mind your own business.

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