What causes excessive blushing at some people?

Excessive blushing is called in medically terms Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema and is caused by strong emotional stimuli like love, anxiety or embarrassment. There are particular cases when some people blush too much and medical explanations say that this is due to the following reasons.

  • Happiness – laughter may cause blushing because it consumes energy and creates movement stimulating in this way the blood circulation.
  • Embarrassment – This feeling is created by many things such as lack of integrity, confidence and forgiveness, all of them producing strong blushes when social activities are developed.
  • Frustration – Is caused by mental stress which leads to high blood pressure and ultimately blushing.
  • Social anxiety – Some consider social activities quite stressing and when they communicate with their friends or other people they know, blood pressure rises and they become tensioned, this causing strong blushing.
  • Spicy food – some substances from the spices people usually eat produce blushing and studies have shown that people who eat certain spices blush more than others.

Blushing is sometimes an indicator for some mental or physical disorders and nowadays it’s even a common fact among people, as a result of their stressed life.

An interesting fact is that even though we know the causes people usually blush, some blush more when others blush much less. There are a lot of treatments like surgeries, medications and psychological therapies in order to help the sufferers overcome this affection. One must inform itself and ask for advices from an experienced doctor.

There is a major risk that minor problem grow larger and larger ultimately having severe impact on sufferer’s lives so one should make sure he is well informed before he acts.