Blushing is caused, of course, by some physical attributes that some people have. However this is not the only cause and not even the main cause. Blushing is always brought out by a mental trigger. A though, which might be conscious or subconscious, will cause an emotional response which reflects on the person’s face as a blush.

So if you wonder what kinds of thoughts make you blush easily you will not get a specific answer but all thoughts that cause blushing are known as self-conscious.

All blushers have a common fact. They are very sensitive at the opinion of other people. I know that every time I blushed it was because I was on the point of being criticized by others. Normally people blush when they feel like they have done something which can make others think badly of them.

For a person who has a blushing problem, the simple thought that someone is about to judge them is enough to bring on the blush. So we might say that if you are hypersensitive to others’ opinion or judgment this is the main cause for your blushing problem.

Now the question is “Where does the sensitivity come from?” Studies showed that it is genetic. Of course there are people who are shameless and other people who naturally feel shameful in many situations.

The shameless persons are reluctant to people’s opinions about them and they seem not to care about it. Shameful people are sensitive to the idea of others thinking of them, the particularities of the thought are not that important.

So if you have blushing problem you have to start not to care about other people’s opinions. Nevertheless this does not mean that you have to neglect other people’s rights but if you can consider that people’s thoughts are not your business, you will have few things to worry about and fewer causes for blushing.

Theory is always easy than practice but there is a necessary step you have to make if you want to get rid of your blushing problem.

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