In the beginning, my blushing problem was not actually a problem. It was just an annoyance and I was aware of my tendency to blush easily. Even though it bothered me a lot, it seemed to be OK.

Then it got worse. Time has turned my strong annoyance into something I wasn’t able to handle and this made my life a nightmare. People might have seen things otherwise but in my mind, the feelings and thoughts I experienced made my life unbearable.

Right now, when I look back to this problem’s progression, I can see that evolution of excessive blushing is consisted from 2 steps. Firstly there is the stage in which you blush easily and after that is the stage in which you have excessive blushing.

When you blush easily, you might consider that you have a serious problem but comparing it with excessive blushing you will realize that easy blushing is a walk in the park. If you blush excessively you will be afraid of it and it will consume you physically and mentally. I was blushing excessively several times a day and this was a dominant though for me and I could not get rid of it.

Easy blushing was happening in my case only several times a week and sometimes not very intense and this is much better than blushing excessively if you ask me.

Both types of blushing are not that good but the good news is that you can overcome it just like I managed to do that. I succeeded to overcome my excessive blushing and I even managed to reduce my easy blush.

So if you want to get rid of your excessive blushing you might expect to have difficulties in starting it because starting is always the hardest part in solving a problem. You will experience grief and hopelessness and this is because it is hard to get someone who understands you.

It’s a little known problem and few people are well documented to give advices. In fact nobody understands it, not even some doctors, if they did not suffer from it.

When you pass this step you will gain some trust and you will make further progress much easier.

Because I managed to overcome this issue, I have my normal life again. I still blush but always for good reasons and not as intense as I used to blush.

As a conclusion, if you have a blushing problem, stay focused and be hopeful. You can get over it because I and many other people did it. So no matter what is the stage of your blushing problem, you should know that it can be easily fixed.

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